We welcome the amazing story Amy Hardy and her daughter Zoey of the Hardy Project. A true spirit of giving looks like Zoey is in for extending this legacy. Sweet.! Thanks for being with us. 

The award-winning culinary team from the Orange County School of the Arts joins us as they outline their Senior project, an Argentinian open flame cooking theme, with proceeds going back into the department. Our future restaurant concepts and the personnel to support them is in good hands. Thank you chefs!

We welcome Carla Lee as we discuss a vegan alternative of a burger, and more items this energetic, passionate entrepreneur has created. Her products are in many specialty markets like "Whole Foods". Thanks to Barb Davis for introducing us to this awesome journey of her life's work.



Our show today was crazy good. Charles Phoenix, author, all around celeb shares his book, "Addicted to Americana", across the nation and here at home. For those of us that grew up around here, it is a memories bender :) . What a delightful individual he is. Enjoy!

Phil Jaber of Philz coffee houses, coming up on 20 locations strong. Phil shares his story, what service and quality product means to him, and the future. Great visit. Thank you Phil. 

Check it out. Pot's and Pans with Jack and "not Annie", welcomes Richard and Elizabeth. Check out the story of how to live on the road. Something many of us, wish we were daring enough to do. Enjoy. Thank you Jack.  

We welcome the amazing Wimberly's, four siblings that wield a guitar, banjo, mandolin and violin (fiddle) with a passion for bluegrass......and they just crush it. Listen in to a beautiful family share their story and musical talents live. Awesome!

Susan from Spa Gregorie's joins us and shares this uplifting service to our community. "Greet the Day" treats breast cancer survivor's a welcome spa day courtesy of this pillar in the community, Spa Gregorie's. Thank you Angela Cortwright. Listen in to the great interview. 

A project for the ages, check out the project that these two Art Professors at OCC have taken on. Kim Garrison and Steve Radosevich head a department of an endeavor that will launch into orbit for 1000 years, a prayer wheel to watch over mother earth. A must listen. 

We had a great conversation with Georgio, one of the owners as we follow them on their journey, as this newly opened restaurant unfolds. It was a fun interview and it will be a stay connected. Join the fun, have a listen. 



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